Well done to Trev and his team for producing some stunning pumpkins and squash this year.

We have grown basic, bright orange, edible pumpkins like ‘Connecticut field’ and ‘Racer’ both of which are great tasters as well as carvers. We like to encourage the eating of the contents of your pumpkin and there are loads of ways to use them, from pumpkin pie, to spiced pumpkin lattes (it’s true!).

Our squash collection is a bit more diverse, with some beautiful favourites; Crown Prince and Butternut alongside more unusual Uchi Kuri, Cha Cha and heritage varieties Queensland Blue and Japanese miniature squash Black Futsu.

If nothing else, just pop in to us and look at them. They are pretty beautiful! Of course they are all eaters. Roasted, mashed, deep fried wedges, soup, pies, cakes….It’s a long list; and with very dense flesh compared to pumpkin, a single squash can feed a whole party of adults. Prices start at £1 for a small pumpkin, up to around £7 for a very hefty squash!

Call us (01209) 718975 or email sales@kehellandtrust.org.uk, or Sat Nav TR14 0DD. We hope to see you soon. We’re open Monday to Friday 8.30am until 4.3opm (4pm Fridays) .

We are at the Camborne Produce Market on Friday too. Commercial Square Camborne, 9.30am until 2pm.

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