Our ‘News from our Trainees’ section of the website has been very under-published of late, for which we apologise. We would like to reassure you all that this is not because there is no news!

Tanya and Anthony got together this morning to have a think about what we’ve done through the year.

“The best thing about my year this year” says Tanya “was making hanging baskets. I really liked making my own displays, themes and colour schemes. Sometimes I did things exactly how people wanted it for an order. When I do the spares or refills I can let my imagination go free. I don’t like pink!”

Anthony says “I’ve done some good work with digging. Up in Penny’s section I got ready for the vegetables”

“Next Thursday” says Tanya “There’s going to be five ladies in the kitchen; Jayne,  Louise, Tanya, Kirsty and a new trainee Carla. What shall we name ourselves. Any suggestions? Girls Aloud? Spice Girls? Pussycat Dolls? Little Mix?. I’m looking forward to an all girls group”

There will be a horticulture group meeting soon. Some of the ideas we’ve had are:-

  • Tanya – Sales Week/ Day – to encourage more customers.
  • Christmas Crafts/ Jobs for the shop staff.
  • Strawberries to harvest on high up stands in grow bags or window boxes, that we can access in wheelchairs.
  • David I, would like us to grow roses and more daffodils for cut flowers.
  • More herbs for the glasshouse and for sales.
  • More cut flowers – liked drying all the Helichrysum and Stattice.
  • More facebook updates (Tanya).
  • More ownership of their own produce or growing areas/ raised beds ‘Gardening/ Allotment Group’
  • Personalised growing areas.
  • Giant vegetables – A general interest in trying to grow our own prize-winners for the Giant Vegetable Competition in September
  • Anthony – mushroom growing (perhaps partnership with Cornish Food Box Company) or mushroom logs
  • Bryony – more fruit crops – loganberries etc.
  • Bryony – peas and scallions.
  • EVERYONE wanted more and more food crops.
  • Nick (volunteer) Asparagus
  • Forcing Rhubarb
  • Sunflowers

“In the shop, we need it to be big and spacious, so that those who are partially sighted or in a wheelchair can get about easily. I like it when it’s tidy in there. Nice and clean.” says Tanya

“Kehelland is a lovely place down here and all the staff are a really wonderful lot. Rachel did some good cooking in the kitchen today” Anthony.

We have grown more flowers in the flower tunnel this year. We bunched up and sold Daffodils, Sweet Peas, Sweet William, Pinks and more. Tanya remembered how to prepare the helichrysums for drying when it was nearly 10 years since they had last done it. Go Tanya! We also grew more Stattice and had a great crop of sunflowers.


We will update this page a bit more regularly from now on!!!

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